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What is the value of my property?

The first step to selling is finding out how much your property is worth. Arrange a free no-obligation property valuation with Lurgan’s expert estate agents.

Looking for a free valuation of your property?

We have 2 options,

In Person free valuation at your home.

One of our experienced team will carry out a free no-obligation property valuation on your property at a time and date that is convenient for you. During this meeting we will discuss marketing trends, your own personalised marketing options, timescales, selling price and all fees.

As well as property size and location, when valuing a property, we will take into consideration:

  • Market reports
  • Local knowledge, including changing markets
  • Knowledge of previous sales and current demand in the housing market
  • The quality of decoration and workmanship around the property
  • Development opportunities or unique features

Having an estate agent you trust can make the process of selling your home much less stressful, and help you develop a strategy to get the best possible price for the most important item you will ever sell, emotionally and financially.

Virtual valuation - this could be the option for you!

Are curious about the value of your home but are not ready for a member of our team to visit your home.

Are you are self-isolating and can not physically meet with our team.

If you're vulnerable or have underlying health conditions - or if you just want to stay safe, then a virtual valuation is the perfect solution for your property sale.

We have an easy to use virtual valuation tool where you upload to us some property photos , Don't worry we'll be there to help you every step of the way, by phone, video and online.

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